Why we shouldn't kill elephant's for there tusks


Hey! Lets kill elephants that are close to extinction for their tusks! Then, lets illegally sell them! Or, you could go with, Hey, Let’s hunt different animals with tusks so we can help the population of elephants, then we can sell the tusks we get legally! What side would you choose? Loads of Elephants are killed every year for their tusks, Let me ask you this, are you for? Or against this? I’m against, because they’re close to extinction.

There are other animals to hunt that have tusks

Walrus, Common warthog (tusks worth $25 to $300 depending on their size/weight), Wild pig (worth $20 to $250 depending on size/weight), Narwhal (worth $50 - $400 depending on size/weight), etc, so maybe we should just give the elephants a break and hunt the other animals before the elephants are wiped out.

Even though some people do it because there poor, doesn't mean they should risk it

My next reason is, True, some people do this because there poor, and one pound tusk from these elephants could get you $1,000 or more, but would you be that desperate to risk selling their tusks illegally then risk going to jail? Why not instead just go get a job, true, may not be AS paying, but at least it’s something and not illegal.

Ivory trade

Also, According to wikipedia, there used to be an estimate of elephants that were around 1.3 million, but by 1989, only 600,000 of them remained. And another piece of evidence is that, wikipedia claimed “ it became glaringly clear that the threat was primarily the international ivory trade.” The ivory trade is often an illegal trading system, mostly because in a lot of state’s it’s illegal to sell ivory in state’s like.

This is why I believe we should Ban! the ivory trade! Join me and spread this news!